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I’ve sat down with Oscar and had a very nice chat about himself, the music he likes, about his past and future projects as a DJ and the local scene from London. Before continuing with the Q&A, I have to say that I met Oscar in De School, Amsterdam, two years ago, in a night which I can easily describe as probably one of the best I’ve ever had (big up to Roman Flügel). Without complicating things, I’ll just say that music is what bonded us, music is what still keeps us connected to this day and made this beautiful friendship blossom more than I could’ve imagined.

First, I’ll have to say thank you for being so nice during the years, for keeping in touch with me and for sharing a part of yourself by crafting such a wonderful mix, which I still believe to this day (8 months later) that is absolutely fantastic.

Thanks so much for the kind words! We met under the most natural of encounters and that’s what music’s all about, sharing the love! Thanks for having me on your series and supporting everything I do.

Firstly, what are the music genres you identify the most with and which of them do you usually play for people?

I’d say new beat, electro and breaks. I love a lot of rap inspired music, ghetto-electro and old Memphis rap, you can get real creative off the flow of the rappers in the mix. Plus I feel a lot of these older rappers made some of the best music and there all old unheard of cassette rips that most DJs don’t touch cos of their grittiness.

Before going further with some more in-depth questions, what can you tell us about your past projects?

So, I started DJing a little over a year ago with a weekly show called “Shubzin” (ldn -london- slang for a house party) on Vandelay Radio and a monthly show with Threads radio. I’ve thrown a couple of parties under Shubzin and recently started another charity collective called Subsidise hosting Sherelle and Fixate for Shelter Charity.

Very nice! Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy considering that you’re a pretty fresh name in the electronic music scene.

You were sayin about getting creative off the flow of the rappers and I believe we both agree that staying creative is absolutely essential for a DJ, especially nowadays when the market is almost saturated, being difficult to exhibit an alternative kind of sound, something special or different.

I remember when you were sending me some of your first mixes a couple of years back and now you just came back from a gig in Berlin, so we could say you made real, tangible progress. What changed over the last two years for you as a DJ? All this effort to stay creative and constantly deliver quality sounds for the audiences, did it make you shift in attitude? To explore different cultures perhaps? How did this journey influence you and what did you learn from it so far?

I think the progress I’ve made is from pumping out so much. I think I’ve released like 70+ mixes for either radio or podcasts and that’s just because I love it. I love mixing and catering to different platforms and playing off of the different guests I host all the time. That’s constantly making me dig a huge variety of tunes, there’s not many genres I don’t like. I think in the past 6 months I’ve really started to feel like I’ve naturally created my sound, I’m not scared to really really push the limits of intensity and tempo anymore.

You told me you are born and raised in London…

Yeah my g! North… Although it was living in Leeds for two years where I really discovered clubbing and electronic music.

So, Leeds had a bigger influence regarding this on yourself? Was curious to find more about the local scene and what impact it has socially or even politically if there’s any…

Partially it was my age, turning 18 and moving out was always gonna be the time I discover clubbing but Leeds has some great clubs, some big warehouse spaces like Canal Mills and Beaver Works and small clubs like Wire. Now I’m in love with London’s scene. I think it’s so forward thinking. Competition is fieeeerce. Even on a Thursday there be a ridiculous amount of talent on line ups all across the city.

Yeah, London established itself long ago easily as one of the world’s capitals of electronic music with lots of underground artists and quite a big variety of cultural attitudes and movements.

I think that competition is what breeds so much originality. You have to be offering up something special to make heads turn. I also think I’m a city with 10 million people from all walks of life, London has an acceptance to most new sounds and influences.

What are your future plans? Do you see yourself travelling the world as a DJ? What are your current aspirations? If you have some nice projects coming up, this could be a good time to give us a heads up.

For the future I just wanna keep doing what I’m doing, using my shows as an outlet from the 9-5 grind. I’d love to play overseas more, who wouldn’t? But what’s more important is keeping a healthy relationship with my music and continue to enjoy it at the same rate I do!

One gig in the works is with the might Natural Selection promoters. Throwing some of the best electro and techno parties in the capital and Fold, a new 24h club. Very excited to get behind a huuuge Funktion One.

I’m really glad to hear you’re totally devoted to staying close to your biggest passion, music, and I hope you’ll enjoy a lot this gig, cause you truly deserve it. I’ll conclude by thanking you again and wishing you good luck, with high hopes that we shall meet again soon and why not, throw a crazy party together.

Thanks a lot, Vlad! Look forward to our paths crossing again.

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