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For the 4th episode of the series, we’ve been catching up with our dear local friend Cosmin Miere aka Coco aka SYCOH, whom we met through the Tech Odyssey community in Oradea a while back. You’ll find in Cosmin (the person) an eclectic and unconventional spirit whose personal life of constant self-taught crafting of skills lingers into the sound of SYCOH (the artist).

If you’re up for playful experimental rides of increasing BPMs based in oldschool, 90s techno, minimal, industrial, acid, Berlin-style, breakbeat and hard techno with a fresh touch of ghetto tech, make sure to have a listen and check him out!

Who is Coco, the human?

The human behind, you say? Well, I grew up in humble conditions, with early generation games, keys tied to my neck, Walkman, that sort of things. From 17 had to start living by myself and manage, well, life. Self-taught in a variety of traits and crafts like drawing, graphic design, organizing events, bartending mixology, music mixing and lots more – and managing them all, keeps me pushing on. Also, my cat…

What do you listen to on a daily basis, what music triggers you?

On a daily basis I listen to a whole host of musical styles: Detroit house, psydub, techno, even tech-house. What triggers me every time are the pump-action kicks from hard techno and my newfound fling: ghetto tech.

How did you end up being a DJ? What’s in there for you to make you enjoy it?

It was actually a childhood dream of mine that I forgot about over the years but in 2015 I had the honor of being part of Tech Odyssey – which gave me the chance to learn the craft.

There’s a lot in it for me to enjoy. Exploring new sounds, performing live in front of a crowd, the feeling of making a bunch of people come together through music, to me, is the best feeling I’ve ever felt.

How would you describe your sets musically, such as the genre, type of choice?

I like to toy with people’s expectations through my music. I play oldschool, 90s techno, industrial, acid, Berlin-style, breakbeat, hard techno; it always comes down to the vibe I want to create and the people I play to. BPM-wise, I range from 125 all the way up to 150 and I try to raise the energy levels while keeping the vibe fully grounded for the dance floor.

Talk a bit about this mix you crafted for us, Be Techno.

Well, when I started to work on the mix for you guys I was on the cusp of redefining my musical style – a more high energy one – but I wanted to showcase a greater range of sounds that I love to mix, which is why you can hear all these influences mentioned before. I wanted to make something that speaks for myself, and that is what you got: experimental grooves mixed with a dash of minimal, industrial, acid, hard and a little bit of ghetto tech at the end. It’s far from perfect, but I’m really glad about it.

Why should people come and see you? What do you want them to remember about your performances?

As I said, I love to toy with people’s minds when I play. I want them to remember the relentless beats, the sheer power, the unexpected beat shifts, the sometimes-silly beats I sneak in there just to have people break out in laughter when they hear something quirky and the overall liberating vibes of the atmosphere. I want to create a place where people just let go and enjoy themselves.

What’s the most challenging thing for you as a DJ?

For me, the most constantly challenging thing about being a DJ is continuously pushing the sound and defining what I’m about on the dance floor.

If I’d ask, what’s your long-term goal with DJing, what would you say?

The long-term vision is having my own club where I could perform regularly and host tons of artists. Going alongside that would be a studio where I could start producing. But until then there’s a lot of work ahead, and I’m excited for all of it.

How about the short-term, where can people see you in the near future?

We host parties mainly at Apple Room, Moszkva, Oradea, where us as Tech Odyssey are residents. Catch me playing next on the 1st of November at Apple Room and soon after on the 16th in Iasi, at Techno Wall (event coming up soon).

Thank you, brother.

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