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We had the privilege to talk with the DJ and promoter Aurelian Bradea a.k.a. Reluctant. A DJ who explored many genres, leaving his atmospheric, mystical and experimental imprint on every set. A young man who loves nature as much as music, often taking his electronic music events in the heart of the mountains.

For our podcast series, he prepared a wonderful mix that takes our minds through places only limited by our own imagination.

Hi Aurelian! We’re very glad to be able to chat today and listen to the mix you made. To begin with, tell us something about you. Who is Reluctant when he’s not behind a DJ desk? What defines you besides music?

I am passionate about many things, such as nature, mountains, or fishing. I love SF movies, movies that make you think, documentaries from which you can learn, about topics like science, cosmology, the universe. Likewise, the mix I made for you guys has sounds that I find to be SF-like, cosmic, atmospheric, or even taken from nature.

What is your relationship with events when you’re not a DJ or organizer? Do you still go to events as a raver, and if so what kind of parties do you go to?

Yes, I obviously still go to other events, of different types. Rave for me is more than techno. It means electronic music events of high quality, events with a vibe of unity, peace, fun. Rave is an art. I usually go to events featuring techno, D&B, jungle, psy, or tekno.

We know that your first project on electronic music that you are active in for many years, “Uncouth”, is drum n bass. How come you decided to start this project on techno?

The drum n bass style that I’m promoting is stagnating nowadays, quality-wise. Recent production doesn’t have the sound I’m looking for. Even the audience is smaller and less enthusiastic. Before, I liked to combine D&B with techno in my sets, but nowadays I don’t find the DnB with the right sound. But in fact, my first encounter with electronic music was techno. Around 2004-2005 during the 1st of May celebration in my birthplace Suncuius, I encountered techno and old school house for the first time and I loved it.

Besides D&B and techno, what other genres do you explore? Do you use to mix other genres?

I like and listen to dub, jazz and trip hop for instance. Thievery Corporation is one of the bands I like a lot. I have their whole discography and I listened to it countless times. I listen to experimental, ambient, drone as well. As for mixing, besides D&B and techno, I mix dub, old school jungle or deep DnB.

I see that you’re influenced by several (sub)genres of electronic music, what is your general perspective on electronic music?

In my opinion, electronic music brings peace and respect between people, it makes you think from a different perspective. It’s more than a hobby, I see it more than just music, it’s an art, I can’t find words to describe what some tracks make me feel. States of being that I didn’t find anywhere else. It’s like an orgasm, a musical orgasm . I told this to my French teacher in school and she lowered my conduct grade from 10 to 8 😊.

Tell us a bit about the events you organize, especially the ones in nature.

When it comes to the music I like and promote, I think nature fits the best. My favorite events (whether organized by me or not) are always in nature. Fresh air, nice views, good vibes, freedom of moving, freedom in general. In the last 2 years I organized the Sound of Wind event, around Suncuius. It’s an event dedicated to DnB and techno. I chose the spot to bring my passion for the mountain and electronic music together, and the name is inspired by the touristic attraction 300m away from the location, the Wind Cave. It’s the longest cave in Romania and the 2nd in Europe. Besides, I want to promote the region where I’m from. Before that, I helped organizing the Gigahertz Festival, a DnB festival in the same area, but that’s a long time ago. Recently, I did a couple of techno events in Oradea.

What impact did the events have regarding the audience, giving that the location is still quite far from the urban centers?

Giving that it’s a touristic area and especially because of a 15-year tradition for people from Oradea to go to Suncuius for the 1st of May celebration, we had quite an audience. For instance, last year we had around 150-200 people, in spite of the fact that it poured for 2 days.

Let’s come back to the mix. What is the idea behind it?

I always like to treat a mix like a composition, with introduction, body and conclusion. To make it flow. I also like to have multiple influences in my mixes. For this one, I went for experimental, atmospheric sounds. I try to play around with the subgenres and experiment as much as I can.

What kind of gear did you use to record this mix?

Two Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3 players and a Pioneer DJM 250 mixer.

I saw that at parties you often use CDs. Do you prefer CDs above USB, and why so?

I really enjoy playing from CDs yes, and I would like to turn to vinyl. That’s just how I got used to doing it, maybe also because of my setup. But I also play from CDs when using the CDJ2000s. I feel it’s more old school and I like to build my selection like this.

Where would you like to go next musically and what are your future plans?

I want to ride the techno train 100%, because I can experiment a lot with this sound, I find techno to be a genre without many boundaries and I want to go this way. I am planning as many techno parties as possible and I want to focus on techno production as well. I would like to start collabs with other crews, to help each other grow the techno movement in Romania. So, my mind is currently on techno, I feel that this is what represented me from the start. That doesn’t mean of course that I won’t keep listening to DnB and join DnB events. If an opportunity rises and I’m invited to play I won’t decline, even if I don’t necessarily want to stay active in this field.

Sounds great, thanks a lot and we wish you the best of luck in the future!

Thanks as well!

The End.

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