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We’re back with a mix full of energy and color, prepared by the DJ couple that goes by Les Psss, formed by Anna Tischer and Valentin Munteanu. The duo expresses its identity through a hard and energetic sound, with atmospheric vibes in between, shaping a complex and very well-defined result.

Active in the techno scene for many years, they’ve been involved in different events in Bucharest and also in the organization of an electronic music festival in Brasov (Transylvania).

We had a talk with them in which we dived a bit deeper into their project.

What does ‘Les Psss’ mean for you? What is your backstory and how did you end up with the idea of this project?

It was around 2011, when we were quite active in organizing events and we thought of doing a back to back. Valentin had been playing music for a longer while, but after that back to back we started working together on the ‘Les Psss’ project.

How did you come up with the name of ‘Les Psss’?

We were looking for a project name and we were running out of ideas. We came up with this one because at the beginning of our relationship, this was how we were getting each other’s attention. When we were in a crowd of people and we were doing this sound, “psss”, the other one turned. Even now we call each other like this at home. It helped us in taking this decision, and the fact that it was unique. Even the results on google, if you search for ‘Les Psss’, only we come up.

How do you perceive this project, this career, in relation to your personal evolution?

It had an accelerated growth until around 2016, after which we had a deadlock period. Our personal and professional lives had changed. Jobs had changed, we had more responsibilities, the stress was higher and automatically the time we could’ve invested in music was less. We made a studio for ourselves and bought equipment we didn’t use for producing yet. However, 2020 is the year in which we’re back.

Being a team project, which are the ups and the downs you face? Do you easily manage to get on the same page when it comes to your musical perspectives?

No. Our visions are somehow different, I (Anna) tend to be more aggressive and more towards hard groove. Valentin is more into electro, more bass. We both understood our influences. Somehow we complete each other, we don’t overlap. It’s the same for the production.

If you had to name one or more highlights of Les Psss, which would these be and why?

On the production side it was a track, a remix which we literally made in three days and we’ve won the first place in a remix contest. It’s our remix for the track ‘Meth’ by Tonikattidue. On the events side, we had a very good one in 2012 with Secret Cinema and Egbert. The involvement in Sons of Gaia was also nice. And the gig we had in Cluj-Napoca in the night between the years (2015-2016).

Taking into consideration that you live in the capital of Romania, Bucharest, a place in which you’ve organized techno events in the past, can you tell us how was the night life on this niche before and how is it now?

Valentin: I am nostalgic and I can’t compare it. I see it very different, maybe also because of my age. The audience seems very different to me for the moment. Generations changed, music changed and the sound too. From my point of view, these changes are not for the best. Overall I expected the techno we promoted to be catchy in Bucharest too. I’ve seen that rather in Timisoara, things are moving more in to the direction we would wish to. On the other hand, we’ve had the breakbeat project and there were a lot of parties in the breakbeat scene from Bucharest. But, this trend died 4 or 5 years ago.

We see though a tendency for the comeback of techno on the Romanian market. The acid and the more hard groove sounds are becoming catchy. The trend from the west will inevitably come to us too. But, it will be quite hard with the mentalities we have. Since last year we’ve seen big artists that are starting to grow the groove.

You said you were involved in the organization of the Sons of Gaia festival, namely you’ve been taking care of the techno scene. It was one of the few places from Romania which at that time was promoting techno music in its true form. Can you please tell us which was the idea behind the techno stage?

Being a festival with a solid Psy stage, the public was not tasting tech house, melodic house, deep tech, melodic techno or whatever else was running through the clubs in Romania. At least, a big part of them. And to avoid having an empty stage we had to focus on the hard groove side of what techno meant some time ago. I can’t say that we disliked this situation, quite the contrary. At the same time, we set out to cultivate the audience that was coming especially for the techno stage, on the hard groove side.

You’ve been highly present in the online medium too. Tell us a a little bit about “A couple of beats” and what other projects did you have in online?

We’ve made mixes at different radios, but we’ve been residents only at “A couple of beats”. Unfortunately, this one too was on hold for a period, but we will relaunch it. It was our monthly contribution to the Diesel.FM radio.

When it comes to production, when can we expect the next release? Is there any prospect for the near future?

We have a track. A re-edit of a 2015 track. It will get out on a compilation with a charitable purpose, “Compilatia Electro Generations”. A Romanian initiative of Septimiu Moldovan, Enciclopedia Muzicii Romanesti. We are on the verge of finding a sound with which to re-launch the project. In the next three months we expect to have material for a release of 3 or 4 tracks.

Which is the key hardware from Les Psss’s studio?

Roland Aira TR-8, TB-3. Korg Mini KAOSS pad. The laptop with the Ableton Live. We don’t have much hardware yet, even though it’s necessary, but what we need the most is imagination and sound processing. Until the moment to grow our hardware comes, we have much to improve.

Which are the aspects that motivate you the most to deliver artistic creations in the techno niche?

We are subjective. The central thing is that we have to like it and then we deliver. If what we like is also on somebody else’s taste, great. If not, at least our souls are happy. The main motivation is passion.

With what other hobbies do you identify with in your free time?


Future plans when it comes to DJing, production and events?

We have in plan to move to Amsterdam or to Berlin. We picked where to move taking into account both the musical perspective and the professional opportunities. For us, music has to work in tandem with the jobs, because the jobs finance music, not vice versa.

Thank you very much and good luck with everything!

Thank you too!

The End.

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