Review: Cosmin TRG – Sportiv 005

Review: Cosmin TRG – Sportiv 005 350 350 Be Techno

Our fellow Romanian, Cosmin Nicolae aka Cosmin TRG released on May 31st this year his 5th EP on his own label, Sportiv. As expected, he didn’t disappoint, delivering 3 beautiful tracks full of the emotional baggage of a long journey: from a young electronic music passionate in Romania, to an established professional producer and DJ in one of the world’s music hubs, Berlin.

All tracks are dance-floor oriented, and even if the imprint of Cosmin’s style can be easily felt in each track, they leave different tastes, different vibes, not polarizing but rather complementary.

Exuberant Gambit has probably the most alternative and unorthodox sound, with a weird and not always easy-to-digest combo of bells and ringing synths dancing in the background, and a more funky repetitive sound thrown in your face. Overall, it’s a great track that blends nicely in between the other two. Romanian Deadlift, a techno banger which seems to have a Romanian micro-house influence to some extent, definitely not your average track, opens the EP with a groovy force inviting you to dance your ass off, while Mae Gri closes the record with an edgy tension building up on darker sounds and blowing off in the finale.

Verdict: we like it!

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