Meeting Koúkla <> 11
Meeting Koúkla <> 11 1024 1024 Be Techno

This time, we’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with Koúkla, a Cluj-based DJ with a well established musical taste in the underground and a great taste for events of this nature. We’ve had a super interesting discussion with her while listening to a cool mix that she prepared for us.

Meeting Sergiu TH <> 10
Meeting Sergiu TH <> 10 1024 1024 Be Techno

For the 10th Be Techno podcast, we had the privilege to talk with Sergiu TH and listen to some hardcore top quality industrial techno.

Meeting Wruce Bayne <> 09
Meeting Wruce Bayne <> 09 1024 1024 Be Techno

The 9th episode of our podcast series has our good friend, Wruce Bayne, playing over an hour of mind blowing techno.

Meeting Les Psss <> 08
Meeting Les Psss <> 08 1024 1024 Be Techno

We’re back with a mix full of energy and color, prepared by the DJ couple that goes by Les Psss, formed by Anna Tischer and Valentin Munteanu. The duo expresses its identity through a hard and energetic sound, with atmospheric vibes in between, shaping a complex and very well-defined result.

Meeting Reluctant <> 07
Meeting Reluctant <> 07 1024 1024 Be Techno

For our podcast series, Reluctant prepared a wonderful mix that takes our minds through places only limited by our own imagination.

Meeting Morpine <> 06
Meeting Morpine <> 06 1024 1024 Be Techno

A podcast and deep conversation with the young, enigmatic Romanian techno DJ, Morpine. With banging techno in the background, we touched upon music, DJing, togetherness, being an artist, the power of play, society, and life itself.

Meeting Mircea Ivan <> 05
Meeting Mircea Ivan <> 05 1024 1024 Be Techno

For the fifth podcast of the series, we have the pleasure of presenting one of the best techno DJs in Romania, Mircea Ivan. We had a little chat with Mircea, here’s what came out of it.

Meeting SYCOH <> 04
Meeting SYCOH <> 04 1024 1024 Be Techno

For the 4th episode of the series, we’ve been catching up with our dear local friend Cosmin Miere aka Coco aka SYCOH, whom we met through the Tech Odyssey community in Oradea a while back.

Meeting Tony West <> 03
Meeting Tony West <> 03 1024 1024 Be Techno

Speaking to Tony, whom we basically met through our common love for Giegling, we’ve not only made a good friend, but we’ve also discovered a humble person, a soul open to share his experiences and connect with us through some of his musical preferences, which he put in a beautifully crafted mix for our podcast series.

Meeting Ovexx <> 02
Meeting Ovexx <> 02 1024 1024 Be Techno

The time has come for the 2nd Be Techno podcast: this time we’ve been spoiled with over two hours of fist-pumping industrial bad ass techno by Ovexx.

Meeting Osc Kins <> 01
Meeting Osc Kins <> 01 1024 1024 Be Techno

I’ve sat down with Oscar and had a very nice chat about himself, the music he likes, about his past and future projects as a DJ and the local scene from London.