Be Techno picks – old school techno tracks: vol.1

Be Techno picks – old school techno tracks: vol.1 1000 1000 Be Techno

This is a feature category I’ve always dreamed of having on Be Techno. Its debut appearance is a selection of 10 old school techno tracks that we love. Enjoy!

Tracks were not selected in any particular order.

Obscurum ‎– Is Stagnation

Whether you are from the new generation or you are from the older one which caught the 90s’ and early 00s’ electronic music scene, this selection has the same purpose: relishing the analog alternative sound of a golden pioneering era in which music lovers from all over the globe used to dance their asses off on these electrifying and fist-pumping tunes.

AWeX – It’s Our Future

These tracks were banging in a time when clubs in Europe began to become more genre-specific and shaped the techno all nighters and weekenders in by now legendary raving temples like Tresor (Berlin), Omen (Frankfurt), Fuse (Brussels), E-Werk (Berlin) or Turnmills (London).

Brainshaker – Elkane

What was extremely encouraging for the whole world was the new direction which meant collaboration and openness between different cultures and movements which has beautifully manifested through the invasion of the solid and eccentric sound of Detroit’s techno into Europe’s warehouses and clubs.

Robert Hood – Chase

Raw, percussive brands of techno soundtracked dance floors for over a decade with different variations and influences which became local signatures depending on labels, artists and regions. For some of those labels and artists it was a bigger surprise than many would think. Quite recently, in a RA review I’ve read about Anthony Child‘s (aka Surgeon) thoughts that some of them only wanted to press their tracks onto vinyls to be able to play them in their sets and expected “to live with them in boxes under their beds for the rest of their lives.”

Outline – Encounter

Artists like Marc Trauner (aka The Mover) or Birmingham’s techno godfather Karl O’Connor (aka Regis) proposed futuristic sounds which would easily destroy dance floors of today. They stayed underground for many many years while somewhat underrated considering the unorthodox and fabulously well crafted sounds they’ve been building.

Regis – It’s a Man’s World

Probably the best way to describe the old school waves is to imagine a mix between tribal, industrial, electric, acid and trancey sounds which flourished over the years into few similar archetypes of techno and trance which inspire to this day even some of the biggest commercial figures in the business like Nina Kraviz.

The Mover – Nightflight (Nonstop 2 Kaos)

Joey Beltram is another heavy name when it comes to electronic music, especially for the early 90s techno scene, being one of the pioneers who always had a very uncommon sound, bending our minds to unimaginable depths and stretching his sounds to merciless, conflicting and screaming tones and basslines.

Joey Beltram – Cop Car

Acid was and is considered by many an entirely separate genre, but regardless of the labels we put, techno had its own place in the acid oriented bangers and below we’re showcasing one of our favorite old school acid tracks with a dark and nostalgic-trancey vibe, including repetitive vocals which are to some extent hazy.

Love Inc. ‎– The Comeback

And how could I end this introductory volume of Be Techno old school techno picks differently than with a techno-trance all time classic by Robert Leiner (aka The Source Experience) from his absolute golden, Point Zero, pioneering album. It was in a time when techno and trance blended incredibly well before the avalanche of underground trance which developed into its own specific sound. Quartz is probably one of my all time favorites and smoothly combines all kinds of sounds while keeping a hypnotic state with its seeds in a deep dark abyss.

The Source Experience – Quartz

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