Discovering Techno Wall

Discovering Techno Wall 1024 1024 Be Techno

Techno Wall, a concept born out of the passion for techno in Iasi. More specifically, “a movement meant to create a community around the pure techno vibe for people dreaming of Berlin, London or Detroit”.

One of the few promoters from Romania, strongly influenced by the west, Techno Wall opens its gates through a first event in December 2015. Back then, the idea was to have parties for a narrow audience, but people’s needs to dance on techno and the quality of the events itself soon led to the growth of a phenomenon. Since then, it manages to successfully create a space of manifestation for the ravers, constantly delivering niche events, now reaching edition #46. Besides organizing these events, they are residents at the Afterhill Festival and co-organizers at Rocanotheworld Festival, at the latter being responsible for the Electronic Rocanotheworld stage.

They were very active in the scene, with events in diverse locations, starting from their “nest” at CollegeBar to other unexpected and inspired locations like a cinema or a warehouse called “Hala Fix”, bringing artists such as Alex Mine, Shin’ar or bu go.

“Everything started in December 2015, in a small place, intimate and cozy, with the intention of organizing relatively small events (max 60 participants), between friends, a place where we could mix and listen to our favorite music, our favorite genres (especially techno), all of this considering that parties promoting this genre did not exist in Iasi at that moment. Everything evolved organically, we were even called the “Boiler Room Iasi” sometimes in the beginnings, and we discovered that we were not the only ones who were looking for the concept of a niche party. All following events during the four years were led by the passion of the residents and founders of Techno Wall for music and not by the desire to make profit. Passion…which was fueled in each event by the #technofreaks participants and which determined us to try to develop a community around the pure techno vibe of Berlin, London and Detroit. As objectives for the coming years, after the situation gets better, is to continue the series of Techno Wall events, continue collaborating with those from Rocanotheworld, and take care of the Electronic Rocanotheworld stage and leave the future to surprise us (who knows what’s next for us?)” – Iulian Toma, Techno Wall founder, about the motivation behind the project.

“For me it was the most memorable party until today. As a DJ, I can say that the people were truly professional. They took care of every aspect (marketing, accommodation, trip and the event itself) in an irreproachable way. They developed a very strong culture and they know how to maintain it. They have variety in line-ups and a really nice team. As a simple participant at the party, I can say that the atmosphere that is created there is something truly special. I’ve always thought that music attracts a certain type of people and that became clear. Only nice people.” – Miere Cosmin’s (aka SYCOH) experience as a techno DJ invited by Techno Wall at the ‘Techno Wall meets Tech Odyssey’ event.

Besides events promoted by them, Techno Wall residents Back on Wax and Iulian Toma told their stories at the ‘We Want Techno’ events where they shared the booth with big artists including ANNA, Carlo Ruetz, Luigi Madonna, Mirror States, Kodeera, Mircea Ivan among many others.

We’re eagerly waiting for the end of the lockdown to see the directions these guys will head towards and what is that they’ll surprise us with at their next events! Good luck!

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